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Ulx hide server slots

;Any line starting with a is a comment!
Sk_ammo_qty_scale1 "1" sk_ammo_qty_scale2 "1" sk_ammo_qty_scale3 "0" sk_antlionguard_dmg_charge "0" sk_antlionguard_dmg_shove "0" sk_antlionguard_health "0" sk_antlion_air_attack_dmg "0" sk_antlion_health "0" sk_antlion_jump_damage "0" sk_antlion_swipe_damage "0" sk_antlion_worker_burst_damage "50" / How much damage is inflicted by an antlion workers death explosion.
Shake_stop / Stops all active screen shakes.;2 - Keep # of slots reserved for admins, admins don't fill slots, they'll be freed when a player leaves.Shake / Shake the screen.; You can add a folder to add all files inside that folder recursively.; Any line starting with is a comment and will NOT be processed!Sk_helicopter_grenaderadius "275" / The damage radius of the helicopter grenade.; ; The 'time' argument inside a center advertisement and the number following a chat advertisement are the ; time it takes between each showing of this advertisement in seconds.; "my_group" ; ; ; "text" "Advertisement A" ; "time" "200" ; ; ; "text" "Advertisement B" ; "time" "300" ; ; "text" "You're playing on host, enjoy your costa meloneras casino poker stay!" "red" "100" "green" "255" "blue" "200" "time_on_screen" "10" "time" "300" "text" "This server is running.This one is just an empty custom player slot format as described above.For example, if you add the following to the bottom of the file, A will always show ; first followed.Two admins join ; and fill the two reserved slots.Setpos / Move player to specified origin (must have sv_cheats).

Setang_exact / Snap player eyes and orientation to specified pitch yaw (must have sv_cheats).
Just set Hidden to yes or true in your Players configuration section and you're already done: Players: Hidden: yes, more customizable.
Ulx votemapEnabled 1 ; Enable/Disable the entire votemap command ulx votemapMintime 10 ; Time after map change before votes count.Ulx votemapVetotime 30 ; Time in seconds an admin has after a successful votemap to veto the vote.;On mode 1- ; You have maxplayers set to 10, rslots set to 2, and there are currently 8 non-admins connected.Scene_showmoveto "0" / show the end location.We can't just ship these files, because Steam Workshop disallows that.I got the invite, accepted it and it says: no free slots on server.Txt." "title" "Rules" "type" "ordered_list" "contents" "DON'T mess with other players' stuff.The Minecraft client will display the server as outdated.Reload to refresh your session.Examples, colorize your player slots!

Configuration, requires, serverListPlus.2.2 or newer.
Txt ; The motd to show, if using a file.