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Stormheim bonus objectives map locations

As one character points out, Legion members like Kiljaeden the Deceiver have both well earned their nickname and see nothing wrong with spending 10,000 years casually plotting and preparing their revenge.
As if theres any doubt about how powerful they are, especially backed up with recurring kill this guy already warlock Guldan, they start the campaign by murdering both Alliance and Horde leaders, shoving Anduin and Sylvanas of all people into the top seats, along with.
Also, because you have to level up your weapons individually, youre at a huge disadvantage if you decide to jump to another spec.
Not too much trash.
Going back to, say, the Lich King to retrieve a legendary Frost Mage weapon has so much more oomph, even if I was a little irked that he didnt recognise me and threw up a load of nonsense challenges to prove I was worthy.The artifact weapon system though is just that again, with a couple of unlocks that give you a new ability or notably alter one that youve got (for the Mage for instance, adding a heal to the Blink spell but mostly just offer the tiniest.Not everything is a home-run, however.Theres a society of ghosts in one zone for instance, who have spent literally thousands of years resenting, hating and spitting on their former prince for destroying them all.However, while the quest to stop them is rooted in what fellow 80s kids can think.

The engine base attack bonus nwn and the nature of the questing is still rooted back in 2004, with variable levels of lampshade-hanging and shrugging.
If youre at all invested in the crazy soap-opera that is World of Warcraft lore, Legion is one hell of a trip.
Its a big campaign too.One fel swoop, some grudge matches are worth waiting for.It is a shame though that having lots of other people in your hall rather than simply NPCs doesnt do much for the fiction that you, yes you, are the lord of the manor, which is a part of the story that I personally like.Proof that even when the Legion is relegated to farm status, therell be many more adventures to have, and that theyll be worth the wait.Not only do you have to go and quest for that weapon as well, which takes about half an hour, youve got to start acquiring points to top.