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Sims4 how to change aspiration bonus trait

Sims with this trait automatically cook perfect quality meals that also never spoil whenever they cook food.
Sims with this trait will attempt negative social interactions more often.
For now, there is only one Athletic Aspiration, but more may be added later when we get Expansions.
Sims with Vicarious automatically acquire small Skill gains when their children (adopted or by blood) gain skills as well.
It is possible to complete multiple Children's Aspirations for your child if you are playing on a longer lifespan game.City Native Objectives Milestone I: Introduce Self to Someone New in 3 Different Neighborhoods (75) Give an Apartment Key to a Friend (50) Order 3 Times from Food Stalls (75) Milestone II: Achieve Level 3 in the Singing Skill (250) Light Fireworks at the Humor.Mansion Baron where the goal is to own a huge valuable housr with lots of works of arts, windows, columns.You can use it on almost every mobile and desktop device using a proper free reader.Completing an Aspiration earns your Sim a related Reward Trait, and allows them to select another Aspiration from any category.High Metabolism slows the rate of the Sim's body getting fat and increases the rate at which the Sim gains muscle from working out.Sims with this trait can instantly repair or upgrade any object.Remember that what you want to focus on, during the lifetime of your Sim (career, family life, creative life) needs to be reflected by the aspiration that you choose - it is going to be easier this way and the satisfaction that you draw from.Hilarious is obtained upon reaching Level 4 of the Joke Star aspiration.

This trait is only available with the Vampires Game Pack.
Angling Ace Aspiration Total Satisfaction Gained: 4,150 Reward Trait: Angler's Tranquility Seems it will ease any negative emotions when your Sim is fishing, allowing them to happily.
Create a Sim time.
Sims gw2 shared inventory slot with this trait tend to socially interact with their family members best in slot shadow priest 335 more than others.
Relationships can still be damaged through negative social interactions.Go to Apple iBookstore and get this guide for iPad, iPhone and iPod in iBook format.High Metabolism Bonus Trait, which helps Sims stay in shape and get muscular more quickly than other Sims.Dastardly allows the Sim to perform more powerful negative Mischief" and "Mean" type) social interactions and increases the chance of all negative interactions succeeding.This trait is only available with the Get Together Expansion Pack.Reward traits are applied when the Sim attains Level 4 in the noted Aspiration.In the Know is obtained upon reaching Level 4 of the City Native aspiration.Home Turf applies a buff to increase the Sim's happiness whenever they are in their home neighborhood.Bonus trait: Dastardly - Sims enter into negative interactions with a boosted effect.You may also prioritize certain Reward Traits first to help you complete another Aspiration later.