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Mhw set bonus list

1 Increases damage dealt by critical hits.
1 Very slightly decreases the impact of attacks.
3 Sporepuffs restore 60 health.
1 Exhaust power 10 2 Exhaust power 20 3 Exhaust power 30 Stealth Makes it easier for monsters to lose sight of you.1 Ice resistance 6 2 Ice resistance 12 3 Ice resistance 20 Defense 10 Intimidator Reduces the chances small monsters will attack after spotting you.(Elemental attack power has a maximum limit.) amerikaner kortspel 1 Water attack 30 2 Water attack 60 3 Water attack 100 4 Water attack 5 Bonus: 100 5 Water attack 10 Bonus: 100 Water Resistance Increases water resistance.3 Prevents knockbacks and tripping.

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5 Massively increases invulnerability window.
1 Raises base attack for non-elemental weapons.
1 Reduces the duration of stun.
Stacks with Recovery Up ) Great Sword, Hunting Horn, Gunlance: 20 Health Long Sword, Hammer, Lance, Switch Axe, Charge Blade, Insect Glaive: 10 Health Sword and Shield, Dual Blades, Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun, Bow: 5 Health Odogaron Power Punishing Draw 3 Adds a stun effect.30 Attack and 25 Stun to Bowgun melee attacks) Diablos Mastery Bludgeoner 2 Raises attack as your weapon loses sharpness.Resuscitate Improves evasion and reduces stamina depletion when afflicted with abnormal status effects.Fire Attack Increases fire element attack power.Piercing Shots Increases the attack power of piercing ammo and Dragon Piercer.(Effect is applied at the quest results screen.) 1 Speeds up progress on research levels and special investigations.Level up to improve resistances as well.1, while active, grants attack 4 and increases affinity.3 Prevents effluvial buildup.1 One extra honey per gather.

1 Reduces the duration of all elemental blights.
Tripping is reduced to a knockback instead.
1, increases power of each attack by 10 and reduces Wyvern's Fire cooldown.