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bots (missile-equipped.
I wish this fantasy stuff would give me a break already!
Let's count all the ways things can go wrong: 1) Mixing leopards and tigers in the same space.This is done in such a way that while the Techpriest might not understand what he is doing, the thought of an angry machine spirit is fear enough that he will never stray from protocol.Big Red Button, cause, failsafe Failure, and no one could survive that resulting explosion.It is explicitly stated that the eponymous warehouse in Warehouse 13 does not have osha compliance.It's a private residence in a pocket dimension, in the form of an often sunlight-flooded tower surrounded by open water, deliberately designed to house a vampire in comfort.

Also, the chamber containing said device is immediately aft of the bridge, that apparently anyone can just walk into.
Skyline gives us the trusty old "roof door that locks people out on the roof".
The United States Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board has published a number of videos describing, in detail, the various ways that industrial processes involving hazardous or flammable substances can go very, very wrong.
Moshulu herself is still extant and is today a high class restaurant in Philadelphia,.There are repeated scenes of Burns doing things to try and circumvent getting shut down, dissidia nt bonus battle from running for governor to bribing officials.The Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard.But you want us to hit the smaller, harder-to-hit part that's right next to it?" In Star Trek: Nemesis.Which makes sense considering sunlight is lethal to younger vampires.City of Heroes has Grandville, the Big Bad 's fortress city.If you read Fast Food Nation you'll find out just how much crap the meat and fast food industry get away with.The final straw was when a contractor tried to start his new truck several times, which, when the hydrocarbon level got low enough for ignition, created a spark that caused the fumes to ignite in a ball of fire that killed 17 people.It's not surprising that the Big Bad falls to his (supposed) doom into a pool of mako just by using the powers of leverage.The Splatoon series has an interesting take on this trope.