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Fallout 4 more armour slots

( The Scribe ) Apocalypse left greave Sturdy metal left leg Polished Metal, Lead Lined.1 2726 Grants increasing energy and damage resistance the lower your health (up to 35).
From here on out.
No xx 050dd1 Pack beanie No casino free spins sign up xx 02770d Pirate hat Charisma 1 No xx 04262b Pompadour wig.2 15 Charisma 1 No Postman hat.4 28 15 Endurance 1 No 001f9790 Press cap.2 15 1 Intelligence 1 No 000a81af Prospector's hat.3 15 Luck.
Also to make the inventory sorting experience even better I also recommend.Jerros - textures for Jetpack color swap mods.(So Concealed Armors is redundant). .Because of this, its value will be higher at low levels, while being almost useless at high levels.For armor sets that have regular, sturdy and heavy variants, the variant is not always prefixed in the title (e.g.
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Outfits are crafted at the Armorsmith bench, wearable weapons are crafted at the Weaponsmith bench.
It is an advanced equivalent of the metal armor found in the base game, being heavier but having proportionately more resistance to ballistic attacks and a similar weakness to energy based weapons.
Cleanup (Issue: verify classes/types of armor).
This betclic bonus bar nanofiliment material is different from another Nanofiliment material that the player character can create, possibly a bug.I also added a craftable Hazmat Suit (w/Hair) with a transparent lens. .Added armor bench modifications to all vanilla/DLC armors for making non-helmet armor pieces appear as the other armor sizes.Body armor parts, edit, raider armor, edit, raider armor is usually the most common armor type, and can be seen as a tier 1 armor.Images Standard Sturdy Heavy IDs Name Base ID Leather chest piece 0007b9c6 Leather left arm 0007b9c7 Leather right arm 0007b9c3 Leather left leg 0007b9c4 Leather right leg 0007b9c5 Stats Name Dam Resist Eng Resist Weight Value Mod_ID Leather chest piece Leather chest piece e69 Sturdy.