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Bonus vid tjänsreresa

bonus vid tjänsreresa

OnPause use(this) override fun onResume super.
Type amount: ount ow / Reward the user.
MRewardedVideoAd tRewardedVideoAdInstance(this) wardedVideoAdListener this.Have your app define a class that implements this interface and pass it to setRewardedVideoAdListener prior to loading.It is highly recommended that you call loadAd as early as possible (for example, in the onCreate method of your Activity) to allow videos to be preloaded.Request rewarded video ad, note: Make all calls to the Mobile Ads SDK on the main thread.Import Request import bileAds import wardedVideoAd class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity texas holdem strategy videos RewardedVideoAdListener private lateinit var mRewardedVideoAd: RewardedVideoAd override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) setContentView(tivity_main) itialize(this, "ca-app-pub / / Use an activity context to get the rewarded video instance.The easiest way to load test ads is to use our dedicated test ad unit ID for Android rewarded video: ca-app-pub / It's been specially configured to return test ads for every request, and you're free to use it in your own apps while coding.OnResume @Override public void onPause use(this super.Failure to do so can lead to suspension of your [email protected] public void keText(this, ow @Override public void onRewardedVideoAdClosed keText(this, "onRewardedVideoAdClosed ow @Override public void errorCode) keText(this, ow @Override public void onRewardedVideoAdLoaded keText(this, "onRewardedVideoAdLoaded ow @Override public void onRewardedVideoAdOpened keText(this, "onRewardedVideoAdOpened ow @Override public void onRewardedVideoStarted keText(this, "onRewardedVideoStarted ow @Override public void onRewardedVideoCompleted keText(this, "onRewardedVideoCompleted.Last updated October 26, 2018.

Try another ad format: Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution.0 License, and code samples are licensed under the Apache.0 License.
To be notified of rewarded video lifecycle events, you must implement.
OnPause @Override public void onDestroy stroy(this super.OnResume sume(this) override fun onDestroy super.Here is a sample implementation of the listener methods: @Override public void onRewarded(RewardItem reward) keText(this, "onRewarded!Note: It's important to use an Activity context instead of an Application context when calling tRewardedVideoAdInstance.Always test with test ads When building and testing your apps, make sure you use test ads rather than live, production ads.LoadRewardedVideoAd override fun onRewardedVideoAdClosed loadRewardedVideoAd Forward lifecycle events To forward the parent Activity's lifecycle events to the RewardedVideoAd object, call the resume pause and destroy methods in the parent Activity's onResume onPause and onDestroy methods respectively.

OnDestroy override fun onPause super.
Set up event notifications The SDK provides the RewardedVideoAdListener interface, which has methods corresponding to the events in a rewarded video ad's lifecycle.
Currency: " tType " amount: " tAmount ow / Reward the user.