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All bonus objectives in gorgrond

Only our most skilled of rangari venture this deep into the high stakes poker dvd wilds.
1) Making the Rounds 2) The Splintered Fleet (Not able to group, scenario quest, if buggy jump to the island to the left of the boat for paratroopers) -New Hub- -Cove of Nashal- 3) Side Effects May Include Mild Undeath 4) Pump it Up* 5).
You can also get around 40-50k xp from having all your garrison missives ready to turn in if you're really wanting to do something in less than a minute and get going.
61) The Right Weapon for the Job 62) bonus objective - Plunder the Cove 63) A Favor for.
Neither Wowhead or WoWDB have a good way of searching for these types of quests.1) The Rivermane Tribe 2) Ormgul the Pestilent 3) Poisoned Crops 4) Infestation 5) The Flow of the River -Whitewater Wash- 6) Fish Out of Water 7) Trapped Tauren 8 ) Spray and Prey 9) Moozy's Sojourn (Turn in after you get the quest "High.Battleground Artifacts (randomly drop from dead enemies in battlegrounds).I expect it to take most people around 7 hours on launch.Naielle's Watch, but it has been overrun by podlings!Edit, the bonus objective icon on a zone map.I'm not really sure why anyone would want to skip the dungeon quests either even if you were soloing, they give a huge amount of xp (like 130k) on top of the.5-3 bars of xp for completion, plus give an ilv 800 piece.Mar'goks Overwatch end quests - 34,000xp.Draenor rewards, edit This section concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor.It seems like most professions give you a quick couple of quests to do in Aszuna.Shackle 64) The Prince is Going Down (Try to wait for everyone to pick this up before starting it) -New Hub- -Shackle's Den- 65) Shipwrecked Sailors 66) Making the World Safe for Profit 67) Marltime Law 68) The Captains Foot Locker (Go through the window.Don't do the quests after that initial quest.

Captured Insignia Icon Captured Insignia: starts The Enemy's Insignia (5 Darkmoon Prize Ticket).
The icon also disappears from the zone map and that character can never again complete.
Final test run clocked in at 5 hours 53 minutes.
They also just don't give a huge amount of xp to really worry about them.Waterwalking Potions are a good alternative if you can't spend a few hours getting the water strider.Rangari Kaalya and, rangari D'kaan.70) A Gift for Greymane (Water walking potions/druid op for this, detonate at the turn in for other quests) 71) To Skold-Ashil 72) Shielded Secrets 73) Stories of Battle 74) bonus objective - Assault on Skold-Ashil (Note, there's chests in this area that also give.An available bonus objective will appear on the map with this icon: citation needed, contents show, accepting Bonus Objectives.

You can tell what's a main story line quest by looking at the top right hand corner of the quest log, but my guide covers all the main story quests and the side quests necessary to hit 110 if you followed.
There are several bonus objectives in each zone.
Imbued Crystal Icon Imbued Crystal: starts A Curious Crystal (10 Darkmoon Prize Ticket).